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Inside this issue we look at this incredible bond we share with our canine best friends and explain why this relationship is simply like no other. We also look at the power of play and the signs your dog is ready for a game. Inside we ask are we focusing too much on destination happiness rather than the journey? We share the importance of balancing what your dog loves to do with the need to prevent them from muscular injuries, investigate aspects of enrichment for traumatised dogs, look at how your dog’s vision impacts on their training and so much more.

Contents include

The power of play   
One exercise for all? Part 2                      
A frank appreciation            
Destination Happiness       
Canine Conundrums                      
The importance of vision in Dog Training           
Could your dog be a school dog?            
The benefits of feeding plant-based treats.        
A case of Endodontic disease      
How to transform your dog's behaviour using meditation                    
Winnie the Pooch                            
A call from the Kennel Club    
Charity Focus: The Oldies Club
Chew on this: the latest news from the dog world.
First Aid Pull Out: Panosteitis
Breed Focus: Border Terrier         
Reader Discounts                                       
Dog games and training                
Pooch products
+ more

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