Edition Dog Live

Edition Dog Live is the UK's only show dedicated to dog health & wellbeing. Join us on the 27th of August, at the NAEC Stoneleigh, CV8 2LG, for a fun day out  full of demonstrations, expert talks, incredible performances, rare breeds, stands, advice. Book a professional ticket and you gives you a unique lanyard, a welcome gift bag and access to our designated Professionals Lounge.

Demos & talks

Our event has a designated demo and talk hub hosted by a team of professionals and experts. Join them throughout the day as they share their knowledge with you. Our series of talks and demos covers a wide variety of topics and give you the opportunity to ask the experts.

Live Arena

Our live arena is back with a (quiet and dog-friendly) bang, with demonstrations from local training clubs, search & rescue teams, agility teams, plus much more.

Nutrition Station

Join a team of experts as they tell you all you need to know about your dog's nutritional needs. The team will also be there to give you any nutritional advice you need about your dog’s diet and feeding requirements.

Take Part

We have added even more take-part sessions at this year’s event. Here is a taster of the sessions for 2023.

Scent work

Every dog thrives when given opportunities to use their incredible nose. Seeking is an innate and fundamental activity for every dog. Sniffing is more than just enrichment. It is at the core of every dog; it is how they navigate and assess their surrounding environment.

Join Mandy Rigby, Scent Work UK Instructor, Judge and Trial Manager, and her team in our Scent Work Hub to learn more and experience this fantastic activity.


Have you heard of Canicross? Join the team from Sporty Paws in their designated hub throughout the day to listen to more about what makes this canine activity unique. Plus, you & your dog can try on a harness to get a hands-on feel for the sport.

Canine hoopers

Canine hoopers is a sport with little to no impact, meaning puppies can start training towards Hooper's exercises easily with and without the equipment; senior dogs or dogs with disabilities can take part with the same equipment as other dogs in their class so no one feels left out! Join Vickie Barker, Accredited Canine Hoopers Instructor, in a designated hub, to hear more about what makes this canine activity unique and give it a go.


Dog parkour is a new and amazing dog sport that encourages your dog to interact with its nearby environment in a fun way. Have a go at the new sport that strengthens your relationship with your dog and helps it overcome anxieties through games-based training! Visit our designated hub to find out more and experience this activity first-hand.

Take part sessions also include canine massage, canine first aid and more.

FREE health checks

At our event, your dog can get free muscular health checks and, new for 2023, a free skin and coat health check-up.

Training hub

Join our experienced trainers and behaviourists team for advice, guidance and one-to-one training tips. The training team includes writers from Edition Dog Magazine, Sarah Roper, Emily Bright & Holly Leake. 

Dog Photo Booth

At Edition Dog Live, every dog is the show's star, and we invite them to participate in our FREE Photo Booth. Plus, we will share all the images we take on the day with you. Create a memory of your day out together. 

Plus so much more.... 

Edition Dog Live

Where: The NAEC, Stoneleigh, CV8 2LG

When: 27th August 2023

Price: £10 inc P&P.

FREE: Dogs, parking and under 16’s

Book: www.editiondoglive.com

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