Issue 6

Dive into the captivating world of Edition Dog Professionals' Issue 6, where the language of bonding takes center stage. Explore the intricate dynamics between humans and their dogs, from understanding the power of words to forging unbreakable bonds. Join Emily on a heartfelt journey through loss and love, while Sammy's lens captures the beauty of the dog-human bond in their final moments. Uncover valuable insights into grooming, veterinary care, and self-care, ensuring a harmonious existence with dogs. Don't miss out on the transformative stories and expert advice that await within these pages.

Chew on this            
Catch up on the latest news from the dog world.

Pawsome Resolutions.                  
Dog Owners’ New Year Resolutions remove over 36 MILLION pieces of litter!!

The language of bonding  
How the words we choose shape our relationships and perceptions with our dogs.

The pawfect storm  
Study finds high levels of problem behaviours and use of aversive training methods in pandemic puppies.

Harmonising Tails               
An introductory exploration of the energetic dynamics between dogs and their owners.

Respect, connect & protect.                      
Secure your bond, safeguard nature, and ensure peaceful coexistence with a longline for your dog.

Grief beyond ownership                 
Emily delves into the complex emotions we experience when a dog we've nurtured crosses the rainbow bridge.

End of life photography      
We catch up with Sammy to find out more about her work as a professional photographer, whose sessions are in the last days of a dog’s life.

A new career in Dog Grooming                            
If you are considering a new career in dog grooming or even want to learn to groom your own dogs correctly, Four Paws Groom School can help.

Fetch your success            
We explore vital pricing components and strategic placements. Discover the keys to establishing an optimal price and effectively positioning your services for success.

Burn Out     
In the demanding world of veterinary medicine, practitioners often find themselves at the forefront of compassionate care for animals, while juggling the challenges of a high-stress profession. The risk of burnout is large, we find out more.

Hacks for Dog Trainers                  
Five time-saving tech tips for self-employed dog trainers

From Wild Origins               
Discover the story and the passion behind the Axels Elixir brand.

Revamping with a little plus!                     
Exciting rebrand for premium raw dog food range Paleo Plus

The Power of Intention                   
In the field of personal development, it is very common to hear people talk of working with intention or setting an intention. Our “intention” is seen as profoundly significant. And indeed, it is. We find out more.

The Art of Self-Care           
A guide for professionals.

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