Issue 3


Inside this issue we discover Bowen Therapy for dogs, give the low down on herbal healthcare supplements, look at the role of the Advertising Standards Authority, share the latest research on Boxer dog health, celebrate your brilliance and explore the educational landscape.  

Contents include 

Chew on this
The latest news for the dog world.
Blue-green Algae death sparks warning
The Kennel Club urges vigilance when walking dogs near water after first scientifically confirmed case of blue-green algae death.
Bowen therapy for dogs
Bowen remains one of the least well-known complementary therapies. It is remarkable in that it places the dog up front and able to make decisions during treatment. 
Ingredients & know-how
Hilary, from Holistic Herbs, gives us the low down on herbal healthcare supplements. 
The role of the Advertising Standards Authority
Hattie Day, a commercial photographer specialising in photographing pets for advertising, explains the role of the Advertising Standards Authority. 
Health priority in Boxer dogs  
In the largest ever study of Boxer dogs using veterinary records, researchers from the Royal Veterinary College have identified the most common health disorders in the breed in the UK. 
Celebrating Your Brilliance
Standing out as an ethical dog trainer or behaviourist. 
Educational landscape
Vicky Skinner explores the educational landscape, routes into animal related occupations and explains the types of qualifications. 
Shining a light on Photobiomodulation
Despite Photobiomodulation (PBM) being studied for around five decades there is still hesitancy and openness within the UK mainstream human and animal health sector to embrace its full potential. 
Are you barking up the wrong tree with liability?
As a dog professional, you’ll agree on how important it is to focus on the needs of the dogs in your care. But how often do you focus on your insurance needs? 
Create to heal.
Creativity for pet bereavement healing – a guide for professionals. 
Fetch your success
Strategies for thriving as a dog professional. 
Green, clean, omega-3 machine
How Algae is transforming pet nutrition. 
Buddy & Lola
Delve into the world of Buddy & Lola.  
Natural Cornish Pet
Re-brands their treat range. 
Same great product but bigger!
Furr Boost introduces new carton sizes. 
The team share the launch of their new multi-functional treats. 
Perceptions of stress
Why do some of us just seem more stressed than others? 

One of the most popular laws of attraction principles we share a guide to start your own daily gratitude practice. 
Some top tips for letting oxytocin flow to you and others.

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