Issue 1

Inside issue 1 we explore the impact of canine epilepsy on relationships, discover how CPD workshops are helping vets handle aggressive dogs, encourage a shift in perception of the adolescent dog, find the pricing sweet spot and ask why can’t physiotherapist be just as beneficial in prehab?

Contents include:

Chew on this
Catch up on the latest news from the dog world.

The impact of canine epilepsy on relationships
New RVC study first to reveal impact of vet-owner relationship on canine epilepsy management.

The link between pain & behaviour
Emily hosts CPD workshops for Veterinary professionals at her local practice on the safe and minimally stressful handling of anxious and aggressive dogs.

An Introduction to Canine Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Billie explains that we should changing how we view the adolescent stage from a regression in obedience to a progression in cognitive abilities.

Finding the sweet spot
What should I charge as a dog trainer or animal behaviourist?

Heart of a king
Vets call for awareness of heart condition in much loved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

A sustainable switch for raw food experts
Leading raw pet food brand Benyfit Natural announces a change to their plastic packaging now made in partnership with Prevented Ocean Plastics (POP).

Kent's Four Paws Groom school
Ministry of Defence approval secured

Arthritis support from Nupsala Clinic
Arthritis is a familiar word, but what does it mean, and why is it so important in the veterinary world?

Why it’s important to have a ‘strong’ dog.
Vicki Youens asks why can’t physiotherapists be just as beneficial in prehab?

Edition Dog Live
The UK show dedicated to dog health & wellbeing announces new professionals lounge and unique ticket package.

Exploring CCL
A new study from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) explores the reasons for cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) rupture in dogs in the UK, as well as the factors influencing how it is managed clinically.

Separation anxiety in dogs
First aid advice for professionals.

Humanimal connection
New podcast highlights the links between human and veterinary medicine.

Paleo Ridge charity partnership
How a partnership with local charities benefits and feeds rescue dogs in need.

Turn your current job into your dream job
We share our top tip for turning your current job into the one you dream of.

Walk on the wild side
We share all the wildlife you and your dog can spot on your walks this season, encouraging you to walk more mindfully.

The latest and greatest dog products and brands.

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