The benefits of Turmeric for dogs?

The Golden Paste Company (GPCo) are the trusted destination for top-notch supplements that prioritise dogs’ well-being. As a leading advocate of natural remedies, they offer a wide range of effective solutions to promote health and vitality. Formulated by Dr Tom Shurlock with tried and tested results, you can feel confident investing in these natural and affordable supplements today.

Golden Paste for dogs

The Golden Paste Company’s Turmeric Golden Paste for Dogs is the flagship product and where the name came from! The paste has been carefully formulated including the highest quality ingredients to ensure your pawsome pal receives beneficial support for their general well-being.

Don’t just take our word for it, here is a review from Golden Paste Company customer, Heidi:

“Within four days he was bouncing around like a puppy, I was sceptical, but I can 100% recommend this works. Unbelievable, and for the price, it is priceless.”


This Turmeric based joint supplement is sure to get dogs’ tails wagging with the tasty chicken flavoured slices which even the fussiest of dogs will love. It not only tastes great – the chicken has been air dried rather than baked to preserve the goodness. This supplement has been carefully created with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives to support the dog’s natural anti-inflammatory cycles.

Still not convinced. Trina’s pug is certain he loves it:

“My 5-year-old pug hated walking and struggled to keep up with our other pug. I found The Golden Paste Company and bought the TurmerEase. Wow, it is like I have a puppy again. He can now jump up on the bed and settee (which he has not done for about a year) he runs everywhere now and has a new lease of life. We are so lucky to have been told about this product. Highly recommend.”

Turmeric Capsules for Pets

If you’re looking for an easy, mess free way to give a dog Turmeric, then look no further. These capsules are specifically formulated to ensure all ingredients are bioavailable and include all the three main necessary ingredients for turmeric to work - turmeric, oil and black pepper. As with all of the GPCo supplements, no bulking agents or fillers are added so you can be sure every dog is eating only the best natural ingredients.

See for yourself what everyone else’s dogs are experiencing! Stuart says:

“Unbelievable product! Four to five days on this and she has really picked up. Great appetite, eating and drinking well. Goes for walks, albeit with a bit of a limp. Cannot really believe it. Quality of life is so much better. Massively recommended. Thank you so much!”


If you know a dog that has any issues with their skin, then you should certainly be considering adding TurmerItch™ to their diet. As well as supporting the dog’s coat and skin health, plus maintaining good general health and well-being, these succulent Salmon triangles taste great too and have been palatability tested. Skin issues not only cause discomfort to dogs, they can also have an effect on their mood and behaviour too which can have a huge impact on them.

Soothe the scratching like Dexter’s owner did:

“I honestly didn’t think this product would help Dexter, but I can’t get over what a difference it has made. He sleeps in our room, and I used to wake during the night as he was scratching so much. A month into the trial and he rarely scratches at all, thank you.”

If you have any questions about The Golden Paste Company’s range of natural canine supplements, why not have a chat with one of the team by calling 01423 503 319 or email

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