Organic pet food; better for your pet and the planet!

We all want to contribute to a better world. To reduce our environmental footprint, we recycle our waste, we eat less meat and buy sustainable products. But did you know that not only humans, but also animals leave a significant environmental footprint? In this article, we'll discuss your pet's eco impact and what you can do to limit it.

Ecological pawprint

It is actually quite logical that a pet has an influence on the climate. Your dog or cat needs food and you also need products to take care of your pet. After horses, dogs and cats are seen as the pets with the largest ecological footprint. This is caused by several aspects, of which nutrition is the most important.

Sustainable food

Since food is the biggest factor in your pet's eco impact, it's a good place to start. Dogs and cats often eat meat, one of the reasons that their diet has a greater effect on the climate. Some owners put their dogs on a vegetarian diet for that reason. For cats, however, this is not completely possible. Fortunately, switching to organic food is also a more sustainable choice.

Two peas in a pod

Organic food has many benefits. Both for you and for your pet. In addition, it is also better for the planet, so you can reduce your pet's paw print with it. Organic products provide more biodiversity and less environmental impact. But organic food also has a major positive impact on your pet itself. A nicer coat, more energy and good bowel movements are often mentioned advantages. Less itching and fewer allergic reactions are also positive consequences of organic feed. No wonder organic food and animal welfare are two peas in a pod – or rather two paws in a pod.

To make a change for the better. For your pet, for you and the planet.

Yarrah has been making only organic pet food since 1992. They are committed to and passionate about making tasty pet food of the very best quality, without causing an unnecessary environmental impact. That is why they only do organic.  At Yarrah, the health of your pet is their top priority. And with that, the high quality of their recipes, ingredients and sustainable products. The ingredients in their dog and cat food are sourced from organic farmers and cattle breeders who want to do their bit to make the world a better place – just like they do.

Not the easy way

Yarrah analyses all raw materials before processing them. In addition, they visit their suppliers personally to verify that the animals have a better life and the raw materials are truly organic. Unless they are completely assured of the quality, they won’t include it in their recipes. Their certificates demonstrate that they meet the most stringent requirements for organic food, animal wellbeing, social and environmental performance and food safety. Yarrah is involved in the world around us. They feel responsible for the wellbeing of humans, animals and nature alike. They want to make the right choices without compromise, even if that is not always the easiest way.

To make a change for the better. For your pet, for you and the planet.

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