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Norfolk Industries is a small, Norwich-based company with a big social conscience and a mission to make a difference.

We are very proud to be running a successful business manufacturing quality pet products. Despite our diminutive size, we sell to retailers and wholesalers across the UK and in Spain and the Netherlands and our products are also available in many big-name retail outlets, marketed under the store’s own branding.

But we’re about more than that. When you buy from us you are supporting disadvantaged people to live a better life.

Since our business started in 1908, our focus has been to provide employment opportunities for disabled people. We invest in what people can, rather than can’t do and today, over 50% of our factory’s workforce are people with disabilities of one sort or another. Alongside this we provide support to help people break the cycle of long-term unemployment, providing work placements and training to help them get back into the workplace.

Our social ethos is also reflected in our products. We are passionate about reducing waste and actively seek to reduce our impact on the environment by selling and developing ethically produced goods.

All our products are made using recycled and repurposed materials, we make use of materials discarded by other industries and prevent them going into landfill. We offer recycled and plastic free product lines and use biodegradable paper as an environmentally friendly alternative to single use plastic wrapping. We are actively working to increase our recycling impact by switching to 30% post-consumer waste poly for our printed packaging.

On top of this important work, you can also be assured of a good quality product with ISO9001 : 215 accreditation as well as working to the principles of HACCP for Non-Food Manufacturing for contamination control.

While our full product lines continue to focus on bedding products for small animals, we have in recent years expanded our product range to include gifts for small animals and items aimed at children, such as our Animal Houses and Furry Friends Farewell.

New Bedding Bales for puppies

Our new bedding bales are aimed at those who require larger quantities of bedding and are a great choice for dog breeders and kennels. Available in long or short shred it makes an ideal whelping box bedding for puppies:

  • Made from repurposed food-grade paper it’s clean, safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Provides a comfy, warm bed that’s dust and allergy free.
  • Completely white, so no issues with ink or dyes running when it gets wet.
  • Absorbent and odour controlling - absorbs liquid mess to keep puppies and dogs clean and dry.
  • Available as 10kg compressed bales.
  • Prices are dependent upon quantities ordered, from two bales in a parcel up to 30 bales on a pallet.

Why not take a look at our website for more information on our work with people in the community and our products, which can also be purchased from our online shop –

Tel: 01603 667957    

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