Furr Boost celebrates success at Crufts

Furr Boost, the multi award-winning smoothie drink for dogs is celebrating further success as it has made the finals in the innovation category for the StartUp Awards for the Midlands region which had a field of over 3,000 entries.

Furr Boost contains a meat, fruit and vegetable, along with added oils and vitamins, so it’s more than a hydration drink, it supports the dog’s wellbeing in areas such as digestion, skin and coat, anxiety, metabolism and immunity. Voted Best Product Innovation (Food and Treats) at PetQuip 2022 and Best Dog Product at the Pet Industry Federation Awards 2022, Furr Boost has multiple uses.

Furr Boost can be added as a topper to dry foods to give full hydration and extra nutritional value to a dog’s meal. On hot days or when in exhibition halls or at show grounds, you can freeze Furr Boost to make a tasty treat which your dog can lick to keep cool or you can simply pour into a bowl for your dog to enjoy. Pour into a LickiMat and you will keep any anxious dog occupied and happy. Furr Boost is also excellent for senior dogs that need something nutritional, comforting and soothing. The product is also handy to pop in a bag or car for travelling to shows or going on holiday. Simply give the carton a good shake, flip up the sides, fold over the top along the razor strip and tear off to serve.

Furr Boost is particularly popular wih Flyball and Dog Agility competitors. A carton of Furr Boost gives instant hydration to any dog that has been competing hard in the ring keeping them nice and fresh for each round of the event. It is also a refreshing drink for dogs who take part in heelwork to music and obedience competitions as well.

Furr Boost is available in three tasty varieties which all use the best quality 100% natural human grade ingredients: Chicken, Butternut Squash & Cranberry, Pork, Apple & Sweet Potato and Beef, Broccoli & Blueberry. Other added ingredients include flaxseed, coconut and salmon oils, dried sea kelp, chicory root extract, yeast beta glucan, vitamins B&C and water. Furr Boost try to keep the ingredient list as simple and natural as possible whilst giving  the dog key nutrient.

Furr Boost is also a sustainable product using packaging materials which are recyclable avoiding single use plastic as each smoothie is available in a Tetra Pak Carton.

Crufts was extremely busy for Furr Boost. As well as loyal customers and new ones discovering the product for the first time, Louise Toal, Founder of Furr Boost received loads of independent pet specialist enquiries for the product. They also picked up interest from a major international distributor which will allow the brand to enter the export market.

For further information visit www.furrboost.com

The importance of keeping your dog hydrated

Balanced nutrition is not the only important part of keeping your pet healthy. Water is also vital to your pet’s health and is the main component of healthy, living cells in the body. Without it, your pet’s body will not be able to function properly and he may even become dehydrated.

The purpose of water for pets is to carry important nutrients into and out of the cells of the body, aiding in digestion and the absorption of nutrients. It also regulates body temperature, lubricates joints, improves cognitive function, and cushions the brain and spinal cord. Every important bodily function requires water.

When dehydrated, the body draws water out of the cells, resulting in muscle dysfunction and electrolyte imbalance. Organ failure and death can follow if dehydration is not treated immediately.

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