Dorwest homoeopathic range changes to liquids

Award-winning herbal pet care experts at Dorwest Herbs have switched their entire homoeopathic remedy range from pillules to liquid formulations, with old favourites and new additions, enabling easy administration.

In an exciting update to Dorwest’s homoeopathic range, the change to liquids makes them even easier to administer; allowing a few drops to be added directly onto pet’s food or into pet’s mouths - making them ideal for fussier pets, and especially cats.

Homoeopathic remedies can be a great addition to any pet's first aid kit and can be used short-term, such as following a fright or muscle strain, or long-term for ongoing support. The new range has old favourites, such as Fragaria 3C for helping to keep teeth in top condition, as well as a new addition, Sulphur 30C, which is renowned to help with those that experience skin issues.

Managing Director Jo Boughton-White says, “We’re always looking for ways to make our ranges bigger and better for our valued customers. The change from pillules to liquids means even easier administration, with drops of liquids now added to food or directly into the mouth.”

Check out the new homoeopathics range at or to find out more about Dorwest, call one of our friendly, expert team on 01308 897272, email or visit and don’t forget to follow @dorwest on social, for all the latest news.

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