COYA launches in the independent retailer channel

COYA was proud to launch last week with Cookes Pet Supplies across their three stores.  Managing Director Andrew Cooke said, ‘it’s great to be part of a new era for raw feeding’. We continue to do very well with frozen raw, consumers love feeding it, but it’s not for everyone and I believe that the future for the next stage of growth in raw feeding very much lies with Freeze-Dried raw. With COYA we have found a brand that understands our market really well, we’ve worked with their team in the past and they have always delivered excellent products, value and service.’

Peter Roy, founder of COYA “when you think of Pet Speciality, you think of stores like Cookes Pet Supplies. The recent refit of their Sheffield store really puts it amongst the top stores in the country, and when we wanted to launch in the independent channel it was the perfect location. It was great fun setting up there, training their team – and fabulous Andrew let us switch off one of his freezers for the launch – great for consumer awareness and saved him a few quid in energy costs for a while!’

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