Award winning Eco Towels from DotDotPet

DotDotPet are a new UK based company we launched into the UK market during 2023 guided by our values of pet-first, fun, eco-conscious and diversity.

DotDotPet were the first ever winners of the new starter innovation award at the recent PATS trade show held in Telford for our product ‘Eco Towels’. The judges of the award commented - I particularly liked the fact that these towels are fully biodegradable and very cost effective.

Our innovative Eco Towels are designed for both convenience and sustainability. These single-use towels are a game-changer when it comes to drying pets or ensuring a clean-living space for them. Fully biodegradable, decomposing within just 75 days after use, leaving behind no harmful impact on the environment. Crafted from 100% natural fibres sourced from FSC-certified forests.

Key Features:

  • Soft and Highly Absorbent: A must have for dog grooming salons, veterinary practices, dog walkers and pet owners. Kind on sensitive areas and can speed up the drying process which dogs can find stressful.
  • Versatile: Whether it's for drying after a bath, post-walk clean up, garden paw-drying, lining cat carriers, or maintaining small animal habitats, Eco Towels are your reliable all-in-one solution.
  • Compact & Portable: With their convenient size and lightweight design, these towels are perfect for all of life's adventures and can be easily stored in salons, mobile grooming, or dog walking vans. Once used can easily be disposed of in the nearest bin, no more lugging wet smelly towels around.

Making the switch to Eco Towels, can have a number of additional benefits for businesses such as:  

  • Reduce running costs for businesses: reduce spend on electricity, water, machinery, and detergent associated with washing and replacing cotton towels.
  • Free up staff time and space: with their compact design these towels can fit easily into small spaces. By reducing towel use, frees up space and staff needed to wash, hang and dry towels.

Say goodbye to the hassle of constant towel washing and the environmental footprint of your washing machine. Join us in taking a step towards a greener future while keeping your clients pets comfortable and your spaces clean.

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