A Turmerific Adventure!

Ever wondered where your Turmeric originated from? Well wonder no more!

The Golden Paste Company specialise and manufacture in turmeric-based supplements. They believe it all starts with the source and quality of the Turmeric.

With borders opening and the pandemic lessoning they sent Hattie I’Anson on a trip to Indonesia, on a mission to find out more about how our Turmeric is grown and meet the people behind the golden spice.

Hattie spent a few weeks working with the local farmers, learning the process from field to factory!

The farm is based in Java, an island in Indonesia. When arriving at the village, Hattie realised the importance of this Golden Spice to their livelihoods. The aroma of Turmeric was certainly strong in the air and there was turmeric everywhere!

The men were out in the field harvesting the turmeric, the women were sat outside their houses cleaning the root, grating it and preparing it to be dried naturally by the sun, whilst their children were playing in the village with an old football and a few bicycles. It seemed such a basic and radically different life to the western world but the community spirit and happiness of the local people was infectious.

What became apparent on the trip was the knowledge and passion of these turmeric farmers. When asking Supiono, “What do you love about life” he responded “the ability to provide for his family”. Supiono, as pictured below is 75 years old and has been growing turmeric since he was 7 years old.

Not only that the quality of soil, the sustainability of the village and the farm was second to none.

If you would like to know more about this story, there is a five part documentary series which was released in January on The Golden Paste Company’s You Tube Channel.

For further information please contact The Golden Paste Company on 01423 503319 or visit their website www.goldenpastecompany.com


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